Mr. Detail Editing

When you need a second set of eyes . . .

Welcome to Mr. Detail Editing Services

I am an editor with over 15 years of experience with:
  • rewriting
  • substantive/structural editing
  • stylistic editing
  • fact/citation/reference checking
  • copy editing.
I had a 15-year career in the library field, but my passion for the written word led me in the direction of editing and proofreading.
My personal mission is to be a catalyst for positive change, and I feel that through the use of the written word I can make this mission a reality, not just for myself, but for others as well.

I have a BA in Psychology and Liberal Studies from the University of Victoria at Malaspina University-College

(now Vancouver Island University),

a Library Technician Diploma from Langara College, and an

Editing Certificate from Peninsula College.

Striving For Excellence

Do you have a topic in mind, but don't know where to go searching for the information? If so, click here.

Do you have great ideas, but don't know how to organize them for the world of academic writing? If so, click here.

Do you want to get your scientific research published, but need help with grammar, style, structure, or references? If so, click here

Do you need someone to proofread your scientific manuscript to make sure that it is ready for publication? If so, click here.

Do you need help polishing your grant proposal so that it will be approved and funded? If so, click here.

Do you work in the healthcare industry and want to have someone look over your newsletters or other publications to make sure that they are "fit for publication and distribution to the world"? If so, click here.

Do you have trouble writing in English because it is not your first language? If so, click here.

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, let me help you.