Mr. Detail Editing

When you need a second set of eyes . . .

Proofreading and Editing Scientific Literature

I have proofread and edited scientific articles to be published by Spandidos Publications, as well as book chapters to be included in scientific textbooks.

A proofreading project of mine involved comparing PDF mock-ups (proofs) of journal articles with corresponding Word documents (manuscripts) and pointing out any inconsistencies or errors in the mechanics, style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, spacing, etc. to the publisher, as well as querying the publisher about any areas that were unclear in either the proof or the manuscript since the publisher was not a native English speaker.

A book chapter project of mine involved copyediting (editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for internal consistency of facts; inserting head levels and approximate placement of art; editing tables, figures, and lists) and stylistic editing (clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing) of a chapter (written by a non-native English speaking scientist) to be included in a scientific textbook.