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Writing Coach

Over the years I have also found myself in the position of a writing coach. I'd never even heard the term until recently, but it seems to describe a part of what I do. For those of you who don't know, a writing coach is someone who guides you (the writer) through the process of writing. When I was researching the term, I came across a great article from that describes what a writing coach is/is not, does/does not do, which can be found here.

To give you a bit of a hint:

A writing coach helps elicit the writer’s experience and expertise guides the writer to develop a creative, productive spatial and temporal environment and trains the writer to craft effective prose. He or she helps the writer find the heart of the content, what works and what needs work, how to carry out research and conduct interviews, and how to frame and organize the material (and what to include and what to leave out).